Dear Ann

28 augustus 2018 - Sutri, Italië

Dear Ann,

Today, tuesday the 28th of August, Johanna and I walked the 22 km‘s from Vetralla to Sutri, the beautiful Roman city on a hill called Sutrium. When we were sitting down for a break your countryman David passed us walking by. We talked a few time and then Johanna asked him if he knew how far you were since you and we said goodbye almost two weeks ago in Ostello Sigerico in Gambassi Terme.

We were sad to hear from David that you had to decide last week to leave the Via Francigena on the way to Radicofani, because of an injury on one of your legs, and that you had to take the plane home to England. Ten days before Rome, and then having to give up, it must be a great disappointment for you!

Ann, we met for the first time in Vercelli, and you told us you had started your cammino in Bourg St. Pierre, just before the climbing of the Grand-Saint-Bernard. It was not easy for you to walk because of several blisters and other injuries on your legs. Yet you persevered almost until the end! It was a great pleasure to meet you many times from the north to the middle of Italy, and having so much fun with you. Johanna and I wish you a good recovery fysically and mentally. Keep in mind the beautiful memories of your cammino of 2018. We wish you a good life! May your faith and your health strengthen you to accomplish the Via Francigena another year.

We don’t have an adress of you. Before our goodbye I gave you the adress of my blog, so I hope you read this. When you want to react in private, my e-mail adress is .

For us it is now three days walking to Rome.

God bless you and cordially greeting,

Johanna and Arie


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  1. Wim Jacobs:
    29 augustus 2018